People’s Light

Founded in 1974, People’s Light serves as one of Pennsylvania’s largest professional non-profit theatres, known for our resident company of artists, eclectic mix of productions, and innovative work with young people.

In our 8 play season, we present stories drawn from ancient times through tomorrow that have direct relevance to our communities and their concerns. In support of this range, we produce classics, contemporary plays, and commission and produce new work: of our 436 productions, over a third (166) have been world or regional premieres.

You may not be aware that at The Farmhouse, your event gives back! All proceeds from your event go to support the theater’s education offerings which include residency programs for students on the autism spectrum, those with cognitive disabilities and under-served youth in the city of Chester. It also benefits thousands of area students and their families through free performances at People’s Light. (direct to education page on

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